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  • Black Ballerina Audrey
    -29,90 €
    Black Ballerina Audrey

    Add this classic pair of shoes to her closet for year-round style and comfort. Black ballerinas that inspire elegance and style. Designed with high quality materials to ensure they are comfortable and look like new for a long time. Handmade in Italy by expert shoe makers.

    45,00 € 74,90 € -29,90 €
  • Miffy Spiral for baby bed grey

    This beautiful soft spiral can be fixed to the bed or car seat, by attaching the spiral to the bars. It will provide comfort to your little one every night. It also promotes hand/eye cordination.

    20,95 €
  • Sit ball Variadas

    Sitballs are now available in our store! We've tried them and they are amazing! The small legs prevent the ball for rolling around and keeps the ball stable like a chair. They help improve the posture and are suitable for kids and grown ups. You can use it as a chair or to exercise.

    15,00 €
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