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    A 20 napkin pack with fun messages in French. In pink " I delicately clean my mouth" and in turquoise " I put my napkin on my lap"

    2,31 € 3,26 € -0,95 €
  • A15

    Comfortable and original multi-purpose bag made with a combination of fabrics. You can either carry it on the shoulder or attached to the pushchair. Enjoy your new urban look during your family outings!

    36,95 € 57,40 € -20,45 €
  • LMA15

    Comfortable and original multi-purpose bag made with a combination of fabrics. You can either carry it on the shoulder or attached to the pushchair. Enjoy your new urban look during your family outings!

    50,03 € 78,43 € -28,40 €

    Animals that shoot foam balls when you squeeze them. Place the foam ball into the animal's mouth then squeeze its tummy and watch the ball fly up to 6 meters. The harder you squeeze, the further the ball flies. A fun game for kids and parents!

    7,57 € 11,57 € -4,00 €

    Make meal time more fun with these colourful animal plates. Keep foods, condiments, and anything else separated with divided sections. Perfect for picnics and eco-friendly!

    4,62 € 6,57 € -1,95 €
  • DUATD02

    Aroma Oil to add to your Air Humidifier Duux. Available in 3 scents: lavender for calming and relaxing, eucalyptus to relieve colds and clear the airways and citronella to repel insects and clear the mind

    6,43 € 9,88 € -3,45 €
  • LMF51

    This little bib is ideal for breastfeeding. Very comfy and adjustable thanks to two snap buttons. It will become your ultimate companion!

    7,26 € 10,66 € -3,40 €

    Baby moccasin muy cómodo y blandito, mantendrá el pie de tu bebé calentito y bien sujeto. La suela de ante le aislará del frío garantizando sujeción y confort. Su diseño flexible se adaptará perfectamente al piececito en constante crecimiento del niño y favorecerá los primeros pasos del bebé y su libertad de movimientos. No podemos evitarlo, ¡las...

    11,69 € 18,14 € -6,45 €
  • CESTA9

    Una cesta original preparada con mucho mimo para los bebés más cool. Regala este kit que contiene nuestro pelele con una casita plateada estampada, un plato irrompible ilustrado con el texto : "yo no me meto el cuchillo en la boca" y una taza con un príncipe.

    28,95 € 45,45 € -16,50 €
  • CESTA10

    Regala este kit original que contiene nuestro pelele con una casita fosforescente estampada que brilla en la oscuridad, un plato irrompible ilustrado con el texto : "no me levanto de la mesa antes de haber acabado mi plato" y una taza con una princesa.

    28,95 € 45,45 € -16,50 €
  • BAKER02

    A great backpack to take to school! Designed with many pockets, magnetic buttons and reinforced straps. A practical and comfortable backpack with plenty of room for your children's school notebooks! Happy back to school season!

    24,53 € 37,98 € -13,45 €

    Gorgeous velvet ballerinas with soft pom poms. The neutral colours of these shoes make them easy to combine with any outfit. A great accessory for elegant girls!

    32,00 € 61,90 € -29,90 €
  • LMF69

    Do your babies get messy when they eat? This bib has been specially designed for all those babies that enjoy eating. Let baby freely enjoy new tastes with this larger than average bib.

    8,74 € 13,14 € -4,40 €

    A trendy bronze belt for elegant girls. Made with soft leather, this belt can be used to accessorize dressses or pants. Add this belt to your girl's closet for year-round style! Very easy to adjust. A must have to create a modern, fun and stylish look!

    25,83 €
  • Reduced price!

    Buggysocks ®with Velcro, that will protect the handles of your pushchair from friction and sweat. Elegant accessory ideal for Bugaboo ® pushchairs.

    7,24 € 10,74 € -3,50 €

    Fun and colourful cactus, perfect to get rid of those pesky little errors. An original gift for cool families.

    3,80 € 5,70 € -1,90 €

    Bake some delicious cakes with these easy to follow recipes. Help your kids feel confident in the kitchen with this Bake Set. Get ready for a fun, educational and delicious afternoon!

    9,89 € 14,79 € -4,90 €
  • FANDR03

    Instantly become a pirate, an indian or a queen in this brilliant mirror! Mirror made with perspex. Supplied with hanging adhesives and come with attractive foiled packaging.

    9,88 € 14,83 € -4,95 €
  • FUNKIT02

    Retractable fishing net for your little explorers. Very easy to store thanks to the collapsible handle that retracts from 66cm to 17cm.

    5,28 € 8,18 € -2,90 €
  • DPLUS01

    A retro design to decorate the wall of any room! Choose your favourite colour and feel the freedom of this legendary van!

    19,58 € 30,58 € -11,00 €

    Beauty in its simplest form is what captivates us. These lamps designed by Iliuli ® have been created from recycled cans and combined with the Italian flair of their founders. A unique accessory for your kid’s bedroom or even in your own bedside table! Simply beautiful!

    23,69 € 37,19 € -13,50 €
  • A13

    Looking for an original document holder to keep all your kids essential documents? Choose your favourite print and keep all your documents safe in one place. Always in style with Fun*das bcn!

    12,84 € 19,79 € -6,95 €
  • F113

    Is your kid starting to be independent and eating by himself? Don't panic, we have a special bib for kids who are starting to explore new flavours. Designed with an elasticated neckline made of rubber to ensure your kid can put in on and take if off by himself. Let your kid enjoy his new autonomy with this bib designed for toddlers!

    6,77 € 10,62 € -3,85 €
  • LMB14

    Fitted sheet for Babyhome Dream® mini cot. Perfectly fits the ergonomic shape of the mattress. Made from soft cotton, to protect your baby’s skin. For an even more elegant look, combine it with our covers for Dream® mini cot.

    12,41 € 19,46 € -7,05 €
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