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  • HAMAC4

    Disposable absorbent pad to use inside the cloth nappy. You can carry it in your bag and change your baby in seconds!

    8,95 €
  • HAMAC10

    Reusable and washable nappy of the French brand HAMAC® in collaboration with Fun*das bcn. Mint arrow it is always present in our products it is a must-have in summer. It is a limited edition that promises to be a success.

    25,62 €
  • HAMAC11

    Forget the conventional nappies and bet on the innovative design cloth nappies of the French brand HAMAC®. With just change the absorbent wipe of the interior you will have a comfortable, ecological and economic nappy. What are you waiting to try it?

    31,00 €
  • HAMAC8

    If you want to enjoy the summer with your baby, with this new Hamac® swim nappy, there will be no leakage problems. Placing the absorbent wipe inside you will have a swimsuit for the whole summer. Resistant to chlore, salt and does not swell in water! An assured success.

    38,00 €
  • HAMAC7

    New super collaboration: the famous Hamac Baby Swim Nappy with our successful Mint Arrow print. We love this limited edition with this stylish and innovative brand.Really efficient and useful for the first swimming experiences!

    31,40 €
  • HAMAC1

    This swim nappy is perfectly suited for when your little explorers are taking their first steps in the water. Children can go in the water or play outside and avoid having accidents at the pool or at the beach. You can both relax comfortably and have fun. It's 100% leakproof, easy to use and quick-drying

    28,93 €
  • HAMAC6

    The Hamac flushable nappy liner sits between the baby's bottom and the absorbent pad. Comes in a format like a "tissue box", which makes it extremely useful to use.

    5,95 €
  • HAMAC12

    Are you ready for the nappy revolution? Did you know that a hybrid nappy is more eco-friendly and cost-effective than disposable nappies? With an elegant design. patented leakproof and quick to dry. this hybrid nappy has it all! And it is extremely easy to use: you only need to insert into the cloth nappy a disposable liner and a reusable or disposable...

    37,00 €
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