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Römer ® car seats, high quality, safety and made in Europe provide total comfort and convenience during car trips, from birth to 12 years. At Fun*das bcn ® we want to always bring more comfort, practicality and originality to your trips and for this reason, we design high quality elastic cotton covers for your Britax-Römer ® car seats and Britax-Römer ® reducers that follow the latest fashion trends and dress them as if they were a tailored suit!

The covers for Römer ® are available in various colors and models, depending on the baby car seat Römer ® since we design covers for the most iconic models of the brand such as: a cover for a Römer ® Dualfix chair, a cover for a chair Römer ® Advansafix, cover for Römer ® Advansafix I-size chair, cover, for Römer ® Advansafix IV R chair, cover for Römer ® Advansafix ii and iii sict, cover for Römer ® Kidfix ii XP Sict ®, cover for Römer ® Max- Way Plus, cover for Römer Dualfix ® and Römer Dualfix I-size ®, cover for Römer ® Kidfix III S and Römer ® Kidfix III M, Römer ® Multitech III