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Covers for GB bay car seats

We have the most comfortable and stylish padded covers for one of the best mini stroller on the market: the GB ® Pockit + All Terrain. Give a unique and personal touch to your GB ® products and look stylish wherever you go! If you have bought or have borrowed a GB ® Everna Fix car seat, we also have a practical and modern cotton cover designed by Fun*das bcn ® to fit your baby car seat like a glove and your baby will enjoy a very pleasant journey thanks to the softness of our cotton and its thermo-regulating properties that will allow him to sweat less.

At Fun*das bcn ® we always think about making your life easier in all the moments of the day that you enjoy with your baby. So if you need to store their clothes and accessories for the weekend trip or holiday, we offer you several options of maternity suitcases or organiser suitcases with the new waffle fabric where you can carry the different changes of clothes for the day in their bags for changes such as trousers, leggings, sets of trousers and crossed T-shirt or hats and, the toilet bag, nappies, dummies, cuddles and mask refills.

And so that you never lose your mask when you get in and out of the car, we have designed a practical mask bag that you can hang around your neck and store it so that it doesn't get contaminated while you're not using it. Don't forget the sanitising gel, and if it smells great like ours, so much the better!