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The quintessential rear-facing seats are the Klippan ® baby car seats. Give a unique, modern and elegant touch to almost all the brand's models: Wego ®, Kiss 2 ®, Triofix Comfort ®, Century ®, Maxi ® ... and always keep your original upholstery as new as our covers are dress and protect at the same time!

Our mission at Fun*das bcn is to make your life easier so if your little ones get dizzy, sweat or eat during car trips, don't worry! Dress your car seat in the latest fashion with a Fun*das bcn ® car seat cover that respects the delicate skin of your little ones since they are handcrafted with high quality cotton in our workshop in Barcelona. With Fun*das bcn ® trips are more comfortable and it is much easier to keep your car clean! And as total protection so that your child's skin does not rub against the seat belts, you can complement the look of your Klippan ® Wego with our seat belt protector.

If you are going to take long trips, it will be very practical to have one of our lullabies on hand to cover your child when he falls asleep and prevent him from catching a cold. And to keep everything you need on hand for your baby in the car, we have maternity suitcases in which you can carry all the changes you need to change your baby, such as leggings, pants and t-shirt sets, shorts and hats or a stylish bag. Messenger to match your cover for the child's car seat. Cooler and more prepared impossible!