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    Agua perfumada corporal con extractos orgánicos de caléndula que refrescará con delicadeza la piel de tu bebé. No contiene alcohol y ayuda a mantener la piel suave y perfumada. Recomendamos aplicar el agua perfumada después del baño o en el momento del cambio de pañal.

    13,22 €
  • LU157

    Give a trendy look to your bathroom and enjoy your baby's first bath with this bath by Luma. Combine with the baby towel Fun*das bcn, for even more style. For a complete experience, select our changing mat covers and hypoallergenic soaps by Mamma baby.

    132,23 €
  • CESTA35

    Multipurpose basket with the essential to enjoy with your baby from the first bathroom. Includes baby towel with hood so you can wrap it with the greatest comfort and changing mat cover with Fun*das bcn print. Choose the pack that's perfect for you!

    40,50 €
  • CESTA39

    You already have on sale the basket for the first bath of your baby with the most essential articles of Fun*das! Maximum softness and comfort with quality fabrics. At Fun*das we taking care of even the smallest details to help parents to care his babies. If you need giving a present. this basket is ideal!

    49,00 €
  • CESTA17

    Para que el primer baño sea toda una experiencia inolvidable hemos preparado un pack primer baño ideal para regalar a un recién nacido. La capa de baño para envolver al bebé con suave algodón y la funda a juego para cubrir el cambiador de 80 x 50 cm.

    40,50 €

    This manicure set by LUMA includes baby scissors, nail file and nail clippers. Designed with rounded tips and round shapes so you can cut your little one's nails easily and safely.Choose your favourite colour and enjoy every minute with your baby!

    12,36 €
  • OL01CRE

    Baby Panthenol Cream is the best solution before changing your baby’s nappy.Thanks to Vitamin B5, this cream prevents diaper rash. Pantothenate is one of the most performing moisturizing agents, with its excellent water retention it helps keeping the skin soft and elastic.

    3,64 €
  • OL01JAB

    Liquid soap enriched with organic components that make the skin of your baby healthy and soft throughout the year. The design of the package is simple and elegant. Enjoy this great product with your newborn.

    5,95 €
  • F25

    Combine your baby towel with the matching changing mat cover and give harmony to your bathroom. Comfortable and very convenient it makes the perfect gift idea for young mums! Your baby's first bath will be a unique experience with this elegant baby towel from Fun*das bcn!

    26,57 €
  • OL20CRE

    Thanks to the Aloe bioglyceric extracts, Calendula oil and rice bran, this Body Cream has moisturizing, firming, regenerating and emollient properties. The Body Cream ideal for moms. Take care of your baby's skin with this product that respects the skin PH.

    14,88 €
  • LU209

    The comb and brush set by Luma is the perfect accessory for your elegant bathroom. Ideal to complement a gift or to get ready for when baby comes. Enjoy Luma's style even on small accessories.

    6,57 €
  • A20

    We present this practical vanity case. Take your creams safely inside this beautiful vanity case with the prints of the season, its base is waterproof and resistant. You don’t miss it and wear Fun* das bcn wherever you go!

    23,14 €
  • OL02DEO

    If you want to feel fresh, every morning, this deodorant is perfect for you . The products of Mamma Baby® line are designed to protect the skin and leave a soft texture.

    5,20 €
  • LU017

    Fun*das Bcn presents the potty Luma, ideal for when your little one is potty training. Combine it with the step stool of the same collection, and watch how your kid learns to wash his hands alone.

    7,40 €
  • LU162

    Convenient for keeping nappies and unpleasant smells in one place. Can also be used as a bucket to empty bath waters or to store bath toys, when your kid grows older. Bath time is always a pleasure with Luma's products!

    8,14 €

    We love the simple and clean look of this storage bin. This container offers an elegant and incredibly practical organizational solution. Decorate your home with style.

    18,10 €
  • LU299

    New product of LUMA® brand. This modern box is easy in use and looks great on top of that as well. This amazing wet wipe box cannot be missing on your dresser. Easy to open in just one finger, your wipes will never be dry again!

    13,64 €
  • R25

    New bathrobe created by Fun*das bcn! A must have accessory, ideal for summer and winter. Is your child going to the swimming pool ? Do you want to keep him warm after the shower ? This bathrobe is the perfect solution for you and your kid will love it! Which is your favourite print?

    15,43 € 28,93 € -13,50 €
  • OL01CHA

    Made from olives and natural ingredients. this soap will gently clean and moisturize your baby's skin. Ideal for the sensitive skin of our little ones. Give them peaceful childhood bath time memories.

    5,95 €
  • OL01GEL

    Ideal shower gel for sensitive skins. Its formula is enriched with skin protecting elements and with glyceric extracts of organic farming Cardamom and Olive, with softening and soothing effects for the skin. A luxury product with natural ingredients.

    5,95 €
  • LU027

    Sometimes it's tough to be a baby! Try to sit on the floor to wash your hands and you will realize how the world is high for our little angels. To simplify their life, Luma has created a stable step stool. Reaching the sink or the toilet won't be such a problem anymore. This step stool stimulates your child's learning process. Enjoy this sophisticated...

    10,70 €
  • OL01ACE

    Take care of the sensitive skin of your baby with this soothing and nourishing oil. Helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and moisturizes even the driest skin, providing elasticity.

    9,75 €
  • LU220

    Discreet and elegant thermometer by Luma. Get the right temperature for a safe and comfortable bath time.

    4,92 €
  • LU037

    These toilet training seats by Luma are great to give your child confidence when learning how to use the big toilet. For easy access, place the step stool in front of the toilet. Watch how your kid becomes independent!

    10,70 €
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