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Cotton sheet Acqua 90 cm

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What do you wear to sleep? Maybe you are one of those who wear a nice pyjama or those who wear a cotton shirt, with this cotton sheet you can have both. Softness, comfort and easy care.


Cotton sheet. Textile for bed with the same quality as your favourite cotton shirts, so you sleep with the best sensations, wrapped in a soft and pleasant fabric.

Thanks to the regulatory action of the 100% natural fabric of this sheet, sweating is reduced while you sleep. If you sleep in a cool environment makes your metabolism improve fat burning during the night and you will have a proper hydration of the body while you sleep, which will help you feel better.

Available in several neutral colors so you can combine it perfectly with pillowcases, sheets, quilts or duvet covers.


- 3 measures avaliable:

  1) For bed 90 cm: 160x280 cm

  2) For bed 150/160: 240x280 cm

  3) For bed 180: 280x280 cm

- 100% combed cotton

- It does not wrinkle so you do not need iron.

In The Chill Factory we have all the accessories for your home and your well-being that cater both your body and soul. You have the Chill soul, we are only the factory!

If you need more information about this product or have any other questions, get in touch with us!

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