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Baby car seat covers for Cybex ®

Hand made cotton covers. Designed for each Cybex model, perfect fit. Based in Barcelona. Exclusive design, the coolest for every season.

Car seat covers are the best solution to keep your car seat clean and your Cybex car seat fashionably dressed at the same time.

They are very practical, easy to put on and take off and machine washable. So keeping your Cybex always clean now costs less than ever. You will save time that you can dedicate to your family and children.

Cybex car seats are of high quality and can be inherited or lent to you by family members, so with our Fun*das, they will be as good as new.

As they are made of cotton, they take care of the skin of babies and children, avoiding allergies and excessive sweating in summer.

Get the customised cover for your Cybex that best suits your style, or the one your children like the most.

All Cybex products covers:
Cover for CYBEX SIRONA M2 I-SIZE ®, SIRONA S I-SIZE ® and GB VAYA I-SIZE ® Y VAYA II I-SIZE ®Cover for CYBEX SOLUTION Q2, Q3 FIX Y Z-FIX ®Cover for baby car seat CYBEX PALLAS ® and SOLUTION ® M and M-FIXCover for security cushion CYBEX JUNO-FIX ®Cover for CYBEX CLOUD Q ®Cover for CYBEX JUNO-FIX ®Cover for baby car seat CYBEX CLOUD Z I-SIZE ®Cover for security cushion CYBEX PALLAS M-FIX ®Cushion set for CYBEX ® LEMOpadded cover for CYBEX PRIAM ® and CYBEX MIOS ®Cover for baby car seat CYBEX SIRONA Z I-SIZE ® and ZI I-SIZE ®Cover for babybouncer CYBEX ® LEMO

Winter and mid-season footmuff for Cybex

Winter Footmuff for CYBEX ® ATON Q Y CLOUD QCover for baby car seat CYBEX ® SOLUTION X2 FIXpadded cover for CYBEX PRIAM ®StrollerMid-season footmuff for CYBEX ATON Q ® and SIMILARmid-season universal footmuff for CYBEX PRIAM ®

Cybex Lemo baby bouncer cover and set of cushions for the Cybex Lemo highchair

Cybex, besides being one of the top brands in car safety, also has other childcare products for home. The Cybex Lemo baby bouncer and highchair is an example of some of their products. At Fun*das we have made a made-to-measure cotton cover to protect the original Cybex Lemo upholstery and make the highchair more comfortable with the Cybex Lemo highchair padded cover, while adding a touch of style to your home.

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