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Cover for Besafe Izi Modular i-size® Amazonas

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With the Amazonas cover for Besafe Izi Modular ®dress and protect your car seat from any stains or scratches of the day-to-day use. It's a collection inspired by the beauty of the colours of autumn, with a natural touch and a very feminine look. Give a second life to the car seat of your baby, wash the cover whenever you need it and put it back easily to avoid any unexpected incident.


The charming girafes featured on the Sophie la Girafe cover for Besafe Izi Modular I-size ® will softly protect your baby’s car seat upholstery. There are several obstacles we can think of that can make the seat come back way differently than at the beginning of the trip – drooling, food, some unexpected crying, or even... !! Yeah, exactly. A cover can save you from many things!


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